Custom-made modular information system

QI is a complex information system able to adjust to every company. It is currently used by over 800 customers from the field of manufacturing, services, business, distribution and healthcare. 

QI is an elastic enterprise information system which is absolutely unique by its overall design, high concentration of cutting-edge technologies and progressive licence policy. Its basic characteristic is the ability to adjust to changes of environment and the needs of the customer in full service. Moreover, it contains the development environment for fast development and implementation of applications. QI is not field-oriented and it is successfully used by subjects of all sizes, in the fields of business, services, economics, manufacturing, public administration and healthcare.


The main advantages of the QI information system include:

  • The ability to respond fast and flexibly to changes taking place inside and outside an organization and to adjust to them easily.

  • QI can bring the information you need and thus make your decisionmaking faster.

  • QI has progressive ways of financing.

  • QI enables working in various world languages simultaneously.

  • The user can easily use all QI functions via the Internet.

  • The integrated development tool QI Builder enables meeting the customer’s specific requirements.

  • Very low purchase and operation costs in comparison with the benefits delivered.

  • QI works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Industry solutions

Individual field solutions and the description of individual modules including reference stories are available at

In comparison with others, QI is distinguished by integrated solutions outside the standard ERP modules directly in IS QI, e.g.:

  • Integrated APS solution
  • Integrated DMS solution
  • Process and workflow management  
  • Project management
  • QI portal incl. QI shop
  • Specific healthcare vertical
  • Mobile application


As a member of the OR Group, OR-NEXT is a long-term GOLD Partner of the DC Concept company and has been operating on the market since 2008. It currently takes care of 70 active customers using the QI information system. OR-NEXT has its headquarters in Brno and a branch in Prague. It employs over 20 highly qualified consultants and developers.


Společnost OR-NEXT implementovala
informační systém QI více než 80 organizacím převážně ze
segmentu výrobních firem a exkluzivně také ve zdravotnických
organizacích všech velikostí. Všem svým zákazníkům poskytuje
kvalitní servisní služby s garantovanou úrovní.