• Guaranteed medical documentation archive

Guaranteed medical documentation archive

The guaranteed archive is intended for long-term storage of medical documentation and other documents in accordance with the Archiving and Records Management Act. It enables the archiving of data from any information systems, incl. image documentation from the MARIE PACS system. The data in the system is equipped with an electronic signature and a time stamp, and it is possible at any time to demonstrate authorship, document integrity and precise time information about the document’s creation or modification.

The guaranteed archive enables especially:

  • checking the attributes of the document stored (incl. electronic signatures and time stamps related to the document)
  • regular checking of the validity of the stored data and the renewal of time stamps
  • automatic extension of the documents’ validity, including electronic descriptions, etc.
  • verification of signatures of all commonly used formats
  • storage certification pursuant to applicable legislation
  • creating evidence for a potential lawsuit 

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