• Security solution

Security solution

Ensuring security becomes an absolutely key area of the operation of information systems and ICT infrastructure. We traditionally provide perimeter securing by high-quality firewalls, securing of workstations and servers by anti-virus programmes and sophisticated antispam solutions.

In response to the new risks and threats, we offer systems for detailed monitoring of LAN and WAN networks, including the analysis of dataflows and events. These systems can detect, among others, zero day attacks or non-standard behaviour of users that can lead to loss of enterprise data or threat to services. They especially include the following services and technologies:

Operation monitoring in the network (NetFlow/IPFIX)

  • Complete visibility of network behaviour
  • Real-time and historic data for LAN & WAN & communication into the Internet
  • Optimization of network administration and operation
  • Effective troubleshooting

Data network security (NBA, NBAD)

  • Based on behavioural analysis, not on known signatures
  • Detection of advanced malware, zero-day attacks, suspicious data transfers, behaviour changes and other incidents

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