• Picture Archiving and Communication System

    Electronic administration of image data in medicine

PACS with a reputation

We deliver modern and proven technologies with unique tools for work with image data. We bring the MARIE PACS solution.

Who it's intended for

  • A solution suitable for medical facilities of all sizes
  • Regional image archives
  • Czech, English, Slovak and other language environment


System compatibility

  • A high level of compatibility with the modalities of various manufacturers
  • Connection with any information system (HIS, RIS etc.)
  • CE marking, Czech and European legislation, certification “Class IIb Medical Devices”


Service and development

  • Continuous remote supervision of the whole system’s operation; OR-CZ is the operator of an European supervision and service center
  • Development and modification of software in the Czech Republic
  • Investment protection – use of all components through their lifecycle


MARIE in film

MARIE PACS is a modern solution for electronic processing, archiving and distribution of image data.  It is created in the Czech Republic and is developed using our long-term experience. We especially follow the requirements of our customers and users and place main emphasis on user-friendliness, safety, easy scalability and especially economic advantage.

MARIE PACS for large and small hospitals

The MARIE PACS solution will adjust to any type and size of medical facility. It is operated in large teaching and regional hospitals, as well as many medium-sized and smaller medical establishments. MARIE PACS is also used by regional centres combining several medical facilities.




  • regional and county PACS systems
  • teaching hospitals, district hospitals, clinics, independent facilities
  • integration with any information system
  • high level of compatibility with modalities of various manufacturers

What are our clients saying about us?

  • Marie Horáková

    Chief laboratory technician of the RDG department, Žďár nad Sázavou Clinic, p.o.

    "With the implementation of the MARIE PACS system, creating and processing of image documentation became much faster and safer. This certified system (Class IIIb medical device) is compatible with the modalities of various manufacturers and can effectively process large data volumes without slowing down in any way under data volume increase. Continuous operation without any failures and easy access to image data.”

    More information
  • MUDr. Jiří Tesař, Ph.D.

    Head Physician of the Imaging Methods Clinic of KNTB

    "The project of the central storage of image data significantly contributed to the acceleration of mutual exchange of examination results among individual hospitals established by the Zlín Region, resulting in greater precision of the diagnostic process in patients, especially in the possibility of comparing the findings with others, made in the past at other workplaces. At the same time, it saved money by reducing the unnecessarily repeated examination procedures."

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What we offer

In the Czech Republic, the MARIE PACS solution is used by over a hundred medical facilities of all sizes.

Data archiving and distribution

The area of data administration, archiving and distribution is a key part of each PACS. That’s why the MARIE PACS solution places particular emphasis on security, speed, reliability and user comfort. These are some of its strengths:

  • flexibility and unlimited scalability
  • effective processing of large data volumes
  • independence from HW technologies
  • easy connection with surrounding information systems
  • the system does not slow down with a growing volume of data
  • dataflow optimization tools
  • high level of security
  • support of various information systems (MS Windows, Linux)
  • support of cloud solutions
  • possibility of image archive section for incoming an imported data from other medical facilities

Integration with other systems

The MARIE PACS solution includes modules ensuring two-way communication with any information system (e.g. hospital information system - HIS, radiological information system- RIS). Support is provided to all widely used data standards (HL7, DaSta, DICOM) or possibly also individual connections according to the requirements and needs of the customer. In terms of integration, MARIE PACS always enables at least the following functionality:

  • automatic creation of DICOM modality worklist on the basis of a request form from  HIS/RIS)
  • a clear link between data in PACS and HIS/RIS
  • taking over of access rights from  HIS/RIS
  • online loading of text findings from HIS/RIS and their viewing in browsers
  • possibility of making automatic corrections of identification data in PACS on the basis of changes made in HIS/RIS 

Diagnostic and clinical browsers

Image documentation browsers are an integral part of the PACS system. The MARIE PACS solution uses several types of diagnostic and clinical browsers for diagnostics and browsing. Thanks to full integration into MARIE PACS, these browsers offer a higher data processing speed and user comfort. For own work with image data, any other DICOM browsers can be used in addition to the MARIE PACS solution. Similarly, MARIE PACS browsers can be used independently or as a part of other PACS solutions.

MARIE Server Web are modern web clinical and diagnostic DICOM browsers requiring no installation at the end station The standard functions include the support of multiple monitors, online real-time consultations (sharing current dynamic view of the examination), incl. integrated voice communication. They can be run both on a standard PC (diagnostic station) and on a laptop and other mobile devices (tablet, smartphone).

MARIE xVision is a family of multi-modality diagnostic and clinical DICOM browsers with a wide range of functions for evaluation and work with medical image data.

Diagnostic portal

MARIE Server Web is a multi-platform and multi-modality web portal intended not only for complex diagnostics and easy browsing of image data but also for online consultations.  The browser enables real-time online image cooperation of several doctors, incl. integrated voice communication. The portal can be used over multiple image archives and medical facilities and it represents an ideal superstructure for regional PACS solutions.

Main advantages:

  • diagnostic and clinical DICOM  browser with advanced functionality
  • no installation at end station
  • universal use on all devices – workstation, laptop, tablet and smartphone, incl. the support of touch gestures
  • data in any place at any time in diagnostic quality
  • remote diagnostics
  • remote on-line consultations and real-time sharing of image documentation without sending data via exchange networks
  • support of multiple diagnostic monitors
  • low demands on the station output and connection speed (a 3G network is sufficient)
  • cooperation with any PACS
  • certification for Class IIb medical device

Guaranteed medical documentation archive

The guaranteed archive is intended for long-term storage of medical documentation and other documents in accordance with the Archiving and Records Management Act. It enables the archiving of data from any information systems, incl. image documentation from the MARIE PACS system. The data in the system is equipped with an electronic signature and a time stamp, and it is possible at any time to demonstrate authorship, document integrity and precise time information about the document’s creation or modification.

The guaranteed archive enables especially:

  • checking the attributes of the document stored (incl. electronic signatures and time stamps related to the document)
  • regular checking of the validity of the stored data and the renewal of time stamps
  • automatic extension of the documents’ validity, including electronic descriptions, etc.
  • verification of signatures of all commonly used formats
  • storage certification pursuant to applicable legislation
  • creating evidence for a potential lawsuit 

Electronic signature of image documentation 

Digitizing the operation of medical facilities created the possibility to process and store patients’ image examinations in an electronic form. This area has undergone a massive boom in the last 10 years and an overwhelming majority of today’s images are made in a digital form, which brings many advantages.

The Medical Service Act and the forthcoming directive on medical documentation define image documentation as a part of the patient’s medical documentation.  Like the other parts of medical documentation, it is therefore also subject to the directive’s provision stipulating that in the case of documentation maintained in an electronic form, each record will be equipped with an electronic signature in accordance with the Electronic Signature Act.

The electronic signature of medical documentation can be implemented in the MARIE PACS system in several variants with different legal force of the resulting document. The comprehensive solution guarantees integrity and demonstrability of the origin of the medical documentation and automatically tracks the validity of time stamps. The MARIE PACS solution can thus provide evidence, where required, for verifying the validity of an electronic signature and the validity of entries in the medical documentation.

Regional PACS solutions

The current trend is to create and merge systems into regional PACS solutions, the aim of which is to centralize as many devices, services and activities as possible while maintaining a high degree of safety and accessibility of the whole system, thereby reducing the total costs of digitizing RDG workplaces of the individual medical facilities.

The MARIE PACS solution has been developed from the onset in such a way as to comply with the requirements of regional solutions which ensure integration and data sharing among individual medical facilities within the region. MARIE PACS covers the needs of all medical facilities within the region and is simultaneously capable of providing an umbrella for these facilities in the form of a central archive with advanced data administration and distribution.

The regional MARIE PACS offers especially:

  • central data archive for all medical facilities connected
  • possibility of guaranteed archiving of electronically signed documents in accordance with the Archiving and Records Management Act
  • data sharing among individual medical facilities in an electronic way
  • possibility of remote diagnostics, second readings, consultations, sharing specialist human resources among the subjects connected
  • use of standard technologies (DICOM, HL7, DaSta, IHE profiles, etc.)
  • possibility of integration of the existing PACS systems
  • acceleration and greater effectiveness of communication
  • reducing the IT costs of medical facilities
  • possibility of sharing existing medical devices and modalities
  • possibility of system planning of the procurement of IT and medical devices in the region 

Portál pro administraci PACS a práci s vyšetřeními

MARIE Portal je webový nástroj pro správu PACS a administraci zdravotnické obrazové dokumentace archivované v řešení MARIE PACS. MARIE Portal nabízí jednotné uživatelské prostředí, intuitivní ovládání, a především možnost využití na libovolném zařízení v prostředí běžného webového prohlížeče (PC, tablet, telefon) a bez jakékoliv instalace. Výhodou je také integrace s webovými DICOM prohlížeči a vazba přístupových práv pro jednotlivé uživatele na Active Directory nebo LDAP.

Hlavní výhody:

  • jednotné uživatelské prostředí,
  • přístup odkudkoliv (diagnostická/klinická stanice, notebook, tablet, telefon) – provoz ve webovém prohlížeči,
  • licence pro neomezený počet uživatelů,
  • jednoduché a intuitivní ovládání,
  • všechny důležité funkce na jednom místě,
  • volitelná funkcionalita, průběžné rozšiřování o další funkce.

MARIE PACS Support Services

For the MARIE PACS solution, OR-CZ provides comprehensive services for the support of the system’s operation and maintenance.

The MARIE PACS system contains a remote supervision technology monitoring the operation of key modules and HW components. The monitoring includes e.g. the evaluation of the status of the HW server and storages (temperature, fan speed, voltage supply, S.M.A.R.T. technologies, etc.). This data is continuously sent off in regular time intervals to the MARIE PACS European supervision center operated by the OR-CZ company in Moravská Třebová. This enables not only solving any technical problems and failures very fast and flexibly but, especially, preventing them by timely diagnostics.

A necessary precondition for the operation of this system, classified as a Class IIb medical device, is the regular performance of preventive security and technical inspections. These inspections may only be performed by trained staff of OR-CZ.

We prefer to perform the system’s maintenance or any other required changes of configuration remotely, including the SW update and upgrade.

Standard services provided under the service agreement:

  • solving incidents detected by monitoring or reported by a customer via HelpDesk
  • consultations for system users and administrators
  • guaranteed response in solving incidents and customer requirements
  • regular maintenance of SW a HW (PBTK)
  • corrections of erroneously collected data
  • regular SW update
  • regular SW upgrade
  • training of system users and administrators

Furthermore, the scope and parameters of individually provided services are always specified by the service provision agreement. OR-CZ guarantees the contractual provision of these services throughout the lifecycle of the system.

Diagnostic workstation

The diagnostic workstations MARIE Workstation are designed for non-stop operation; emphasis is placed especially on reliability, ergonomics and low level of noise.  Their standard equipment includes a powerful SSD system disc a second disc for local data archiving, a UPS, as well as CD/DVD burning mechanics for any required burning of examinations on CD or DVD. The stations always contain diagnostic monitors in the required configuration and a stand-alone monitor for work with HIS/RIS, Windows and other applications. We provide complete supply including SW, HW, calibration of diagnostic monitors and related services, incl. the provision of servicing.


Stations for automatic burning and CD/DVD printing

This station enables automatic burning and CD/DVD printing. It operates in the server regime, where the image data sent in the DICOM format from any workstation is automatically burned on CD/DVD (incl. browser) and the medium is subsequently imprinted with the required data obtained from the burned DICOM file (e.g. logo + name of medical facility, etc.). The data is burned in the standard DICOM structure and can be thus easily loaded in other PACS systems.


Viewing in operating theatres

For viewing and work with image data in operating theatres, we offer specialized workstations. They represent a comprehensive solution containing a certified monitor with an integrated controlling PC and the required SW equipment. The standard delivery includes an adjustable holder for wall mounting or a mobile cart, a keyboard and a disinfectable mouse with hygienic certification.


System for operating theatre video recording

The system enables the collection, archiving, editing and distribution of audio-visual data from operating theatres. Any source can be connected to the system (cameras, medical equipment, etc.). Concrete solutions are always realized on the basis of the customer’s specific needs.


Medical devices

Under projects realized by OR-CZ, we also offer the delivery and service of medical devices, especially the system for direct and indirect digitalization, RTG devices, ultrasounds, etc. In this area, we cooperate with all the leading suppliers operating in the Czech market.

Název dotačního projektu:

Monitorace pohybového aparátu s využitím telemedicínských aplikací v úrazové chirurgii

Registrační číslo projektu: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/19_262/0020184

Projekt si klade za cíl vyvinout komplexní monitorovací technologii v poúrazové rehabilitační péči o pacienty s využitím SMART technologií. Prostřednictvím průmyslového výzkumu a experimentálního vývoje budou získány nové poznatky vedoucí k vývoji nové technologie, která umožní rozvoj poúrazové individuální péče v oblasti telemedicíny. Aplikací technologie bude umožněno efektivně usměrňovat pacienta v procesu rehabilitace bez nutnosti hospitalizace.

Training courses

In our courses, we take care of enhancing the knowledge and skills of our customers in using our solution. If interested, write to the following email: k.svobodova@orcz.cz.

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